Dealing with Gambling Issues in Canada


While the primary goal whenever gambling is to have fun, some people find it difficult to gamble responsibly. According to statistics, almost 75% or 28,050 million Canadians have engaged in gambling activities in the last 12 months. Based on the percentage of Canadians who have gambled online, over 220,000 are reported to suffer from addictive gambling habits.

For anyone dealing with gambling issues in Canada, the result in the mismanagement of money can have drastic results. The gambling market in Canada is such that it offers many opportunities, from online casinos to mobile online casinos, the choices are endless. Resultantly, they have the option to play via a Canada live casino, real money casino app, mobile casino and a never-ending number of online casinos.

Unfortunately, some players in Canada are unable to admit or are unwilling to identify they have a gambling problem. It doesn’t help that they see advertisements for real money casinos at every turn, whether it be a new mobile casino or a Canada live casino. The reality is this type of marketing is suggestive and tends to reaffirm their addictive gambling tendencies.

If you are unsure if you suffer from gambling addiction, there are a number of tell-tale signs. These include:

  • Being late for appointments because you were gambling.
  • Choosing to gamble versus engage in other social activities
  • Failing to meet your financial obligations due to gambling
  • Finding yourself bored when not gambling
  • Displaying mood swings when not playing as a mobile casino Canada

If any of the signs above accurately describe the behavioural patterns you have displayed online or offline, you may be developing gambling addiction problems. The first step to preventing this type of behaviour is to avoid visiting a mobile casino or any real money Canada live casino.

How to gamble responsibly

gamble responsibly

The second step to preventing addictive tendencies is learning how to gamble responsibly. Developing a gambling addiction is only possible if you allow it to happen. Thankfully, there are some great tips you can follow that will help you to gamble responsibly. These include:

  • Look at gambling as a form of entertainment, not as a way to make money
  • Avoid signing up at a new mobile casino or a live casino Canada betting site
  • Only gamble when your head is clear and not feeling emotional.
  • Never gamble when drinking, as you may spend more than you can afford
  • Only spend money you can afford when playing at a live casino or other real money online casinos
  • Set a budget and never risk more money playing at a mobile casino or live casino
  • Do not tempt yourself by downloading a new real money casino app or
  • If you lost money, call it a day and do not chase your losses

Self help tools for the prevention of addictive gambling

The good news for anyone suffering from addictive gambling problems in Canada is that help is available. Along with addiction counselling services, there are self-help tools you are able to use to help control your addiction.

Use various web app tools to track the amount of real money you spend. Some online web app tools are recommended by leading addiction counselling services, and most addiction counselling service web app tools are free to download and use.

Monitor your urges to spend real money with a new casino Canada website. By monitoring your urges, you can remind yourself of your goals and take the appropriate steps to avoid developing new problems.

Visit community addiction forums and speak with people who are suffering from gambling problems. Not only will you be able to talk to your peers, but you can also access a variety of information that will help you eradicate your additive behavioural tendencies.

Frequently asked questions about Problem gaming

FAQ for Problem gaming

Q: What is the definition of problem gambling?
A: The definition of problem gambling is described as when someone’s gambling habits impact their life. This can include their professional lives, personal lives, social lives, health and well-being.
Q: Is gambling addiction a mental illness?
A: No, most people who are addicted to gambling do not have a mental illness. However, addictive behaviour can develop in people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.
Q: If I have addiction issues, will I pass it on to my heirs?
A: No, these types of habits and not transferred genetically.
Q: How can I prevent myself from developing a gambling problem?
A: The first step is not to gamble at all and find alternative forms of entertainment. However, if you wish to gamble, use the responsible gaming options offered by online casinos. This will allow you to set limits on the amount you spend and even limit the amount of time you gamble.